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More Than a Magazine

Each and every one of our staff members takes great pride in ensuring our work is the greatest it can possibly be. To provide them with some recognition for their marvelous efforts, these are all the current staff members that
make each issue incredible.

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Our Staff


Sophia Krizner

Editor in Chief

Sophia is the Editor in Chief of Notes from the Underground. She is a senior and this is her fourth year on the staff. She is passionate about reading and writing and contributing to making her community richer. 

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Megan Vegas

Managing Editor

Megan Vegas is a Junior in her year on the staff. Her passions are church and tennis. Her favorite book series are Harry Potter and The School for Good and Evil.

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Lin Newton

Copy Editor

Lin is one of our four amazing  copy editors this year. She is a junior and this is her first year on the staff. She is passionate creating both about music and art.

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Reid Roberts

Copy Editor

Reid is another one of our copy editors this year. He is a junior and this is his first year on the staff.  His sister is the fiction editor. 


Bradley Carnes

Poetry Editor

Bradley is is the Poetry editor of Notes from the Underground. He is a senior and this is his first year on the staff. His enjoys playing tennis, beach volleyball. He also like doing ceramics and his favorite author is Rick Riorden.   


Diya Patel

Poetry Editor

Diya Patel is our Poetry Editor for Notes from the Underground. She is a Junior. It is her third year contributing to the magazine and second year on the staff. She loves reading and writing, as well as swimming and traveling. Her favorite authors are Leo Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde

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Anne Mason Roberts

Fiction Editor

Anne Mason is the fiction editor for NFTU. She’s a senior at Maclay and this is her first year on the staff. She of course loves reading and writing. 

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Evangeline Oguledo

Assistant Prose Editor 

Evangeline is a senior (class of 2023). She is the Assistant Prose Editor this year. She loves to read just about everything but she particularly enjoys *. She also enjoys writing and watching movie adaptations of books. 

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Olivia Bastien

Nonfiction Editor

Olivia is this year's non-fiction editor. She is a senior. When she is not reading or writing, she is playing tennis. 


Katherine Gorkov

Art Editor

Katherine is the Art Editor for the Notes from the Underground. She is a senior at Maclay School. Her hobbies include art, dancing, and piano. Her favorite books are Treasure Island by Robert Stevenson and the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfield. 

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Abbie Hartman

Social Media

Abbie is this year's social media content creator. She is tasked with creating exciting previews and announcements for upcoming NFTU events and publishings. When she is not reading or writing, Abbie is playing volleyball. 


Maria Boulos

Art Editor

Maria is one of two art editors for this year. She enjoys tennis and photography in her free time. Her favorite literary genre is dystopian fiction. 

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Brooke Butler

Copy Editor

Brooke is one of four copy editors for 2023-2024 staff. She enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music. Her hobbies include basketball. 


Kaitlyn Guyer

Web Designer/Finance Manager

Taking on the impossible task of living up to the NFTU website creator's legacy, Kaitlyn is in charge of the Notes From the Underground website and finances. She is a senior and enjoys swimming, basketball and weightlifting. Her favorite author is James Dashner. 

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Giada Price

Copy Chief

Giada is this year's copy chief, overseeing our four amazing copy editors. She enjoys writing, dancing, and the performing arts. 


Sophie Lombard

Copy Editor

Sophie is one of our copy editors this year. She enjoys writing, poetry, reading, playing with her dog, and hanging out with her friends. She also does swimming for her sport. Her favorite book is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and favorite literary genres are fiction and poetry. 


Craig Beaven, Ph.D


A Kentucky native, Craig Beaven earned a Ph.D. from the University of Houston. He has taught at Maclay since 2016.

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