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Before the release of each issue, each of our genre editors selects a submitted piece that simply stands above the rest of the submissions. Then, we, as a staff, confirm their suggestions and announce them as the competition winners (you get prizes too!) Please check the below links for the most recent and past completion winners!

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Contests: Image

Spring 2022 Winners:

Where We Have Come From and Where We Will Go


Congratulations to the Spring 2021 NFTU Competition winners! Read, enjoy, and share your favorite pieces with all your friends and family. We know you want to ;)

Poetry: "Walk Like a Man" by Rhys Berk


Walk like a man
You hate the man
Who walks like a king
Because he is mud
And he can’t accept

Fiction: "The Memorial" by Evelyn Romano


Ann brushed out her hair. Down below, music spilled from the foyer. Ann was wearing a black silk gown. The gown flowed over her corset like water, hitting her ankles. Black, two inch heels were fastened around the top of her foot. She was sitting at the vanity set in her and her husband’s washroom. The vanity itself was from when Ann was a child, painted with red peonies around the white porcelain.

Non-fiction: "(I Will Never Be) Trapped Inside the Walls of Myself" by Peyton Crumpler

4-year-old me was a work of art
She danced around the house
Wore crazy headbands and bows all day long
Sung as loud as she could

Wore the blingiest jewelry

Art: "Imagination Runs Free" by Katherine Gorkov

2022 Spring - Imagination Runs Free by Katherine Gorkov.jpeg
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