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Past Issues

This is our collection of past issues that we have published over the years. While the magazines may be created by different staff members and the submissions by different writers and artists, the quality of publications and content has only improved.

Every year, we publish two issues (in fall and spring) each with completely new submissions from our prolific student body. The links below lead to a completely free, full, online version of each of the issues we have published.

Issues 1
NFTU Fall 2022 Cover.png

Fall 2022

2022 Spring.bmp

Spring 2022

2021 Fall.jpg

Fall 2021

2021 Spring.jpg

Spring 2021

2020 Fall.png

Fall 2020

2019 Fall.PNG

Fall 2019

Issues 2
2019 Spring.JPG

Spring 2019

2018 Fall.JPG

Fall 2018

2018 Spring.JPG

Spring 2018

Issues 3
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